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Mindful Medicine offers a full suite of psychiatric services from evaluation and diagnosis to therapy and medication management. Treatment plans are developed in close collaboration with patients after a complete review of their personal and medical history. As treatment progresses, we constantly review the effectiveness of therapies and medications in improving the patient’s wellbeing and make any adjustments necessary to achieve the best results.

Initial Psychiatric Evaluation

Every new patient receives a comprehensive 60-minute evaluation on their first visit to understand if further treatment is necessary and, when appropriate, an outlined course of treatment tailored to the individual. This includes taking a full history, reviewing any available medical records, and discussing diagnosis and plan for treatment. Medication prescriptions will be provided when clinically appropriate and the need for laboratory studies will also be discussed.

Medication Management Services

After the initial psychiatric evaluation, patients will have the option of returning for a 30-minute “medication management” route of treatment. Every patient will be guided by psychotherapeutic principles with a focus on maximizing treatment through psychopharmacological interventions. What this means is that conversations with your clinician will never solely be about medications. As psychiatric medications are complex and often have interactions, careful consideration will also be taken to how these medications affect medical conditions. As such, blood, urine, EKG, or imaging studies may be utilized to monitor and assist with treatment when appropriate. Ultimately, the goal is to obtain the maximum beneficial response from the medication being prescribed without over medicating.

Medication Management + Psychotherapy

After the initial psychiatric evaluation, patients will have the option of returning for a 50 minute medication management plus psychotherapy route of treatment. This route includes everything mentioned in the medication management route but also engages the patient in ongoing psychotherapy. Often times, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is employed to identify patterns, make appropriate changes, and ultimately improve one’s life. Other times, a more classic psychodynamic approach may be employed to thoroughly explore unconscious influences and understand the causes of their behavior. Regardless of the approach, engaging in psychotherapy often results in fruitful discussions that more effectively resolve symptoms than with medications alone.

Child and Adolescent Services

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

All of the above-mentioned services are also offered to children and adolescents. At Mindful Medicine we work closely with parents to create a supportive and therapeutic relationship. It is our privilege and honor to have the opportunity to serve our communities youth. For more information about our Child and Adolescent Services click here.


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