Concierge Medicine and Telepsychiatry

As the need for mental health treatment has grown, so too has the demand for convenient, patient-centered treatment. For some people, this means having increased access to and communication with their doctor through concierge medicine. Concierge medicine provides a wide variety of enhanced services and benefits. A good example of the advantages that concierge medicine offers is the ability to immediately text a question to your doctor and get a quick answer. If you’ve missed a dose of your medication, are experiencing a side effect or having trouble at the pharmacy, your concierge doctor is an easy text or phone call away. Other benefits include arranging for in-home appointments as a preferred method of accessing care. The demand for home visits has increased, with reasons varying from clinical needs to simple convenience and preferring to be in the comfort of your own home. The concierge treatment model means that the patient comes first, customer service is always at the forefront. There are countless benefits.

Telepsychiatry gives you the ability to meet with your doctor through video conference. Using your computer, laptop, tablet or phone, you can instantly see and communicate with your doctor. When distance is a barrier or you have a busy schedule, telepsychiatry can be an excellent way to have continuity of care with your psychiatrist even remotely.

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